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Members benefits

Members benefits 1     Lavender field in the castle 10sqm

As a Society Member, you will become Lavender Parents in the lavender fields of the Castle, 10sqm each. You will participate more proactively through exchanges of ideas and activities as Lavender Parents at Château de La Serre


You will be able to see how the lavenders are growing online and on social networking sites.

The management team will be responsible for the cultivation of lavender. 

The management team will determine the allocation of the fields.

No ownership of the land shall be given.

Members benefits 2    Participation to online lessons, parties, 

  [online salon ] interesting on line lesson about aromatherapy,about ingredient including producer all over the world,

                         and also life in castle, French lifestyle..etc *¹

                          ex)  aromatherapy, agronomy, phytotherapy, feeldwalk, french lifestyle (cooking wine, cheese,..etc), equitherapy

  [Experience]  Participate to lavender harvesting and distillation (online/offline). *²

                        Party at castle. *³


 lessons will be translated in English.

*² For those who participate locally, there is also a package tour where you can stay at the castle (optional tour with charged).

*³  it will be option package with charge.  

Members benefits 3    Gifts from Château de La Serre in Southern France

We are pleased to send you a wonderful gift from Château de La Serre.

You can also designate someone you know as the recipient of your gift.


     [Welcome gift]    Society Member Certificate / Society Member business cards (50 cartes*¹)/ Lavender map /

                                      Assortment of 20 bottles of essential oils

      [Seasonal Gifts]   We will send seasonal gifts about 3 times a year.

                                      Example:   Autumn: Harvest lavender*², fresh essential oil and floral water

                        Winter: Winter aromatherapy care items, Christmas celebration

                        Spring: Spring detox care items, celebration of fresh greenery


*¹ Business cards can also be added (for a fee).

*² Due to transportation, we will only be able to send a few lavenders. We will send you freshly distilled essential oil and floral water along with lavender from the field. The freshly distilled floral water in particular is not usually distributed and is very precious.

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