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Introduction to Society's Hosts

 ”We are happy to welcome you”


Gilles Berthoumieux

Based in the Château de La Serre, is an advocate of the use of natural ingredients (essential oils, etc.) for all generations, from children to the elderly. He is a specialist in tropical agronomy agriculture and plant-derived ingredients in general (especially organic), and has visited more than 100 countries around the world. He is well known for his quality and the wonderful formulations he creates, and has received many requests from Japan for product development.


Laurence Vincent Berthoumieux

Gregoire Vincent 

Gilles' sister and her husband. Laurence is an equine therapist based in her family's home, the Château de La Serre, and Gregoire has awakened to the importance of nature and has decided to pursue a career in agriculture. They love nature, animals and good food.


At Chateau des plantes society,

you can feel closer to French culture and the nature of the South of France.

Please feel free to contact us.

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